Snug Harbor | a classic cafe

Snug Harbor is that typical restaurant that you see in movies. It is not fancy, the food is far from Instagrammable and the service is a tad unfriendly. In other words, I had to eat here for sure. Even if it was only to complete my LA experience in. “Welcome to Snug Harbor, how can I help you?”

The Location

What I had to look for on this road is a good question. On Google maps it seemed a busy street with lots of eateries and I was hoping for nice shops. This was a big disappointment. The restaurants were medium. I kept on hoping for a fancy hotspot. This did not happen. I almost died of hunger and at a certain point I did not care where I was going to eat. It became the first restaurant that I encountered. Snug Harbor

The Interior

The interior of Snug Harbor. To be honest it was not as bad as I expected. Yes, I had imagined the worst, but it was actually quite nice and fun.

The Menu

I was hoping for a healthy menu. I could forget this. The standard American dishes came over and my eyes stayed with the American pancakes. They are mine! And they were pretty good too.