Sticky fingers | a date without cake is just a meeting

Sticky Fingers

It is not possible that this grande opening has passes you without knowing. By the end of 2016, this pink hotspot opened their doors to public. Hello all-pink-heaven! And not entirely inconceivable, at Instagram it really exploded of pictures, selfies, cake shots and cappuccino stories! Sticky Fingers was all over the place on my Instagram wall. I had to go here and find out myself.

The menu

So that happened, but not before we ordered an organic coffee from the brand Fairchain! In addition to some pictures, we sit down their for hours in front of the window. Because it is self-service and you have to order at the cash desk you can sit down and relax without being constantly disturbed. But honestly, we came with a goal so we had to ordered something sweet too. A chocolate chip cookie & apple muffin, yes please! And oh, the prizes are super reasonable!

The location

So you want something sweet in the broadest sense of the word? Go to Sticky Fingers on the Amstelveenseweg 3 in Amsterdam. And with a bit of luck you will score the same spot I had, in front of the window!