St. Jorge | best waffles ever

Cafe St. Jorge

Named after the island of São Jorge,  Cafe St. Jorge brings a little taste of Portugal and the Açores Islands to San Francisco. It was that place that was very hidden in one of San Francisco’s side streets. A hidden pearl.





Cafe St. Jorge is a casual Californian/Portuguese-inspired cafe located in San Francisco where you can have a sit, relax and do nothing. It’s not only a great location to catch up with friends and have a lunch together, it’s also the perfect place to go alone and work behind your laptop. The restaurant is an inspiring place where ideas will pop up.


I came to visit St. Jorge to try his famous instagram waffles and to see the avocado-rose salad. It’s amlost to beautiful to eat! The menu itself is really inspiring with a lot of variety choices. Even if you walk in without any hunger, you won’t be able to not order something from the delicious menu!


So what did I order? Exactly what I have come for! Orange Blossom Waffles (yay!) and a Quinoa Salad. What an amazing experience in food! I can honestly say that this was the most delicious waffle I have ever had in my life! I tried it many times to copy it at home but it is impossible. I have to come back for this one! But there is more on the menu, think housemade granola, Portuguese sandwiches, petiscos, salads and lot’s of sweets.


Speaking of those sweets, below you’ll will find the pictures. All products are freshly- and homemade. Yumm!


All by all, I had an amazing experience at Café St. Jorge. I met the owner from this company and I saw that he was running the business with passion. I have a lot of respect in the way he make guests feel at home here, but also the enormous amount of treats that are on the menu, the beautiful and delicious sweets that they bake everyday and the great service of his staff. Thank you very much for this amazing lunch! I had an smile ear to ear from the moment I came in until I left. Obrigado!