The Klub Kitchen | where the salad is the maindish

In one of my most favorites areas in Berlin (Mitte), you’ll find this cute place to have one of their good-looking lunch dishes. From the outside it’s pretty basic, white and straight. From the inside it’s nog really different. The interior is just the way I like it. It’s very bright with little details and some plants. Welcome to the Klub Kitchen!


As soon as you enter the Klub Kitchen, you’ll be surprised by the cool white letters on the ceiling. These letters are characteristic for this spot and whenever you’ll look for the spot on Instagram, this is what you’ll see very often. The room is so clean and white that I am really looking foreward to the menu. I hope for something basic, but with very pure ingredients. Let’s find out!


The drinks you’ll find are just the way we like it. All different kinds of coffee, smoothies, juices, soda’s, milks, etc. The big one was mine, it was a Chai Latte and the small one was a cappuccino. Just a little side note for you, don’t order the Chai Latte. I didn’t like it that much, it tasted too watery. But hey, it was cold outside, we became thirsty and so we were OK with it.


There where I tough before I was going for a salad, there was this thing on the menu I couldn’t resist. Truffle pasta. Oh my, I couldn’t think for anything else anymore and ordered it. It’s probably not the most healthy thing but it was going to happen. For. Sure. I don’t know what they did with our meal, but this was so incredible tasty! I will prefer everyone who will visit Mitte, to go over and have lunch at this place. I went there around 1 o’clock and that wasn’t the best thing to do because of the many many, many people who came inside. It was rainy outside so everyone wanted to come inside. I would love to come back some day when it’s a bit more quiet.