The Streetfood Club | All-day brunch

The Street Food Club

When you enter The Streetfood Club, you know you are in the right area. You have just arrived in the “happy place” of Utrecht. A place where luxery and casual comes together. A place where Asia and Mexico are combined and a place where you do not want to leave. Welcome to the Streetfood Club. Enjoy your stay.



The Location

Although most hotspots are often located just outside the city center, this hotspot is located in the heart of Utrecht. Just around the corner from the Neude you will find The Streetfood Club. A frenzied location with a terrace in the south. A nice restaurant that can easily be combined with a day of shopping in utrecht.

The interior

It can not be that you have overlooked the interior because it is their most important business card. There is a good chance that more than half of the visitors have taken this reason to dine here. I, on the other hand, was triggered by the positive reviews. But of course, I have to say something about their interior as well. What a picture. Everywhere you look there are beautiful details. They play creative with colors. Perfect for the photo. You are definitely going to score on Instagram


The Menu

The menu. Just wow. There is nothing I would rate mediocre. What a fantastic evening with delicious asian bites. Started with a fine bottle of Riesling and finished with a blueberry cheesecake. Everything that sat between them spoke volumes. Peding Duck in Pancakes and Hoisin sauce (my favorite), Colorful Krupuk, Crispy Chicken, Tender Baby Back Ribs, Eggplant Aalad, Rendang Fries, and more. And as I said, everything is equally tasty.