The visit coffee roastery | inspiring place for having breakfast

Very hidden in a not so fancy area in Berlin, you will find this fancy coffee bar, named The Visit. The Visit is a coffee roastery bar and is a great meeting point for friend to catch up for some lunch or breakfast. But before you’ll go, and you have never been there before.. it’s not that easy to find. I’d double checked the address when I drove to the area because the only thing I could see were some bars and cafés. But then, finally, tucked away in a corner I found a sign that sent me in the right directions.

Sneek peek

Besides the fact that it was very quiet, I did really enjoy this Saturday morning in The Visit. We had the entire space for us and no one else but us. I still can not understand how come. The room is so bright, white and peace full that I would spend here weekend if I were living in Berlin. The staff wasn’t that chatty but they were kind and decent. What I think what is very typical for Berlin, is the fact that they have self service everywhere. I’m not used to that in Holland but it’s OK and you get used to it quickly.

The menu

The menu in here was just awesome and it was all that I needed in the moment. Homemade granola, pancakes and all kind of cakes and sandwiches. The granola was very hard baked but I enjoyed it very much. Also the dark chocolate pancake was tasty and very filling. The food prices where standard but the coffees were pricey. I paid 4,50 euro for a small cappuccino. But hey, it was worth it and I’m glad that I find out about this place. It’s a go! Enjoy!