On the way to some kind of coffee shop, we came across a Tornqvist. We have never left.

The location

First of all, let me tell you something about the neighborhood in which Tornqvist is located. You’ll find the place at Neuer Pferdemarkt, which is a wonderfull street full of nice art, clothing, goodie shops in Hamburg. This street was around the corner from our hotel, Movenpick. Just before we planned to have brunch somewhere, I wanted to walk though this area. Spontaneous ideas deliver good moments. Just on the corner, there was the sign Tornqvist. Then I knew we had to head over for some coffee here.


The interior

Scandinavian details everywhere, so eat your heart out! The place is very minimalistic and bright. They really know how to work it and they rocked the color white! Instead of a portable menu, you have to look at the walls or walk forward to see what they have to eat and drink. I love it.


Transparency is key when redefining coffee, they say. They’re focusing on honesty for everything they serve their our store. placing the bar in the middle of the room to explain how simple yet complex specialty coffee is and show and explain you every single step they take to brew quality in cups and prepare homemade food with the best ingredients available to them. They want to do their best for each of you and share the exciting journey from seed to cup and let you understand why your coffee taste the way it does.

The menu

Granola-yoghurt bowls, banana bread, carrot- or cheesecake and all kind of sandwiches. We decided to stay over for brunch as well. There where we could not choose, we decided to take the whole package. It was a great deal and a powerful brunch for the trip home. And when I came to the desk to pay, I was surprised. It only cost me 24 euros, included warm drinks. That are prizes to come back for!


It was the perfect location to start the day. It was very close to our hotel, we had the best coffee so far in Hamburg and we were surprised by their amazing food.