TOUJOURS | the urban french bistro



We all have that one restaurant in our hometown that we recommend to our friends and family, every single time again. For me that’s the Urban Fenchy Bistro Toujours. They have everything your heart desires. The best location in Haarlem, the even better menu they serve you and don’t forget their great service. The servers are really kind, helpful and professional with a big smile. And please don’t forget the owners, Sir Wotchao and mrs Xiadong. Together they take care of an unique hospitality, which has to be appointed! I have to give them my admiration. They really make you feel welcome. When you’ll pass Toujours, the mint green decor will draw you inside. During the day you can stop by for lunch and in the evening the restaurant will be transformed into a special experience during your dinner. But before we’ll going inside, let’s see what I had for lunch!


Of course we all know those places where you can have a standard lunch like a club sandwich, croque monsieur or hummus with grilled veggies, booooring.. But how often do you come to a place where they serve you Scallops On The Shell, Gamba Cocotte or a Lobster Roll? Exactly! Not very often to never! And that is the exact reason why I prefer Toujours over every other lunch spot in Haarlem. It offers so much diversity, quality and atmosphere that I love to visit this place.

And yes, the food is outstanding but look at the decoration too. Foodies; eat your heart out!


Once you had your first steps inside, you fall in love with the interior. Let Robin take over a good glass of Champagne, take a seat and let the evening begin. You probably get a hard time when ordering your first dish. But don’t panic, you’re in good hands with their great service. They are able to help you through the menu and for those (me!) who can’t decide after all: there is always this sharing platter. You can never go wrong by that. Salmon, Beef Teriyaki, Jamon Serrano, Chorizo Bellota, Cecina de Leon. And last but not least those Oysters, they were so tasteful and richly filled. Hmmm!

The interior

Look around and admire the great interior and decoration of Toujours. The brightness of the sign when you come in, the multiple choice you’ll have of different seats and the color of mint green in combination of soft prints and green plants is really hitting me. And the funny side note is that there is no other place like these. They have their own identity and that makes them unique.

The menu continues

After this incredible sharing platter they surprised us with King Crab Legs, poured with bechamel sauce and cheese. Look at these pictures below. Do I have to say more?

And continues.. 

Did you already think the evening has almost ended? Think again! After the King Crab, which isn’t on the menu, we had our main dish. The Cote De Boeuf. This was so amazing that I couldn’t get the right words to describe it. I’d almost regretted that we already eat so many. I said almost! But seriously, this boeuf.. so tender and tasteful.

The dessert

That’s right! No good meal without dessert. And wow they really know how to work it at Toujours. Again, they made us this amazing sharing platter with ice-cream and cheesecakes. And by cheesecake I mean Orea cheesecake. 3 Words: Holy Moly Cheesecake! Hmmm, I hate it when evenings like these come to an end. This dessert was heaven and earth, together on one plate. Whatever you order at Toujours, always make sure you’ll left some space for this guilty pleasure.