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Off to Valencia!

Valencia 2017, the perfect holiday escape. Relaxing, lots of sun and delicious food. And especially for you, I went on a preliminary study so that you can tick off the nicest spots without have to worrying about anything. My city trip to Valencia took place in May from Thursday evening to Tuesday afternoon. For Valencia this is an ideal time to visit the city. Besides the fact that the prices are very good in the preseason, the temperatures are good as well. In this city blog of Valencia I’ll give you an overview of my personal tips to get as much out of your city trip as possible! Enjoy!


Hotel | Sohotel Valencia

Sohotel Valencia is located in Ruzafa, the most fashionable district of Valencia if you’d ask me. In addition to the many unique restaurants and concept stores, you will find the finest delicatessen shops and bars here. The nice thing about this neighborhood was that you find more locals than tourists, for me that is a sign that I am at the right place. Sohotel Valencia was built in November 2015 and consists of 22 design rooms. The rooms is rebuilt as a loft, it is spacious and well-organized. Although the hotel is located on a busy street, the rooms are well insulated and you do not get disturbed. Definitely worth a visit it if you are looking for a hotel in this neighborhood. Helpful tip is that you can rent a bike here for only 9 euros for the entire day.

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Hotel | Petit Palace Germanias

Another hotel we have stayed in is called Petit Palace Germanias in the Ruzafa district. A hotel that I was even more enthusiastic about than the Sohotel. For just 3 euros extra you already have a breakfast in the hotels from Valencia. Normally I find it more fun to have breakfast outside in the morning, but it was worth a try for 3 euro.The room is fairly basic and is spacious for two people with a clean bathroom. At this hotel, renting bicycles is free. However, you have to get out of bed very early because here applies: first come first served. At 8 o’clock you must report this at the reception to reserve the bike for the day.

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Bike tour | By Suzie

The best way to get to know Valencia is by bike. An absolute must-do is a bike tour by Suzie. Tipped by a colleague I ended up at On this website you can get You only pay € 25 per person for a 3-hour tour, incl. bike rental. During the bike tour, the guides take you into the history of Valencia with tips where you should eat, and especially not eat. After the tour you can rent the bike for the rest of the day. The more days you rent at Passion Bike, the more discount you get. Unfortunately, we had to hand in our bikes afterwards because they had been reserved by others. Eventually we came to Otto Wheels, one of the low-cost bicycle rental companies in the city. Again, the longer the bike rental the cheaper.

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Ciudad De Las Artes Y Las Ciencias

Since 2009, Valencia has built seven buildings rich in the beautiful architecture of the world-famous Santiago Calatrava. The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is known for his designs in Malmö and Jerusalem where he designed the Turning Torso and the Snarenbrug. In addition, he is best known for the original asking prices that often triple or even quadruple during construction. Although the construction of Ciudad de las Artes Y las Ciencias was budgeted at 300 million euros, it eventually cost 1.3 billion euros after two decinia of construction. In interviews he indicates that he wants nothing less than the highest quality, and yes .. apparently there is a hefty price tag. Nevertheless, the artwork has earned quite a lot of money because of the many tourism that the city has yielded. Valencia is now known for the architecture of Santiago Calatrava.

Brunch Hotspot | Dulche De Leche

A lunch hotspot that you’ll find on every blog. Dulche de Leche. My favorite lunch hotspots in Valencia. They have two locatations. One of them was a few minutes away from our hotel, named the Dulche de Leche site on the Carrer de Jesús. We arrived here by bike and were immediately surprised by the cozy, busy terrace on the street side. Once inside we are welcomed by a fresh bread fragrance and a whole collection of several cakes. Quiche, sandwiched, donuts and cookies, everything in all shapes and sizes! For an extensive breakfast with coffee or tea, fresh orange juice, yogurt with granola, fresh fruit and a sandwich for only € 5.00 you have to go to location Dulche de Leche on the Carrer del Pintor Gisbert.

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Dinner hotspot | Casa Carmela

One of the best insider tips I have received is eating paella at Casa Carmela on Sunday. Casa Carmela is an authentic Valencian restaurant where families come together to continue the tradition of eating together paella on Sunday, fascinating to see how local families enjoyed the large pan on the table. Unlike in the Netherlands, it is not customary in Valencia to combine paella with meat and fish. In Valencia, therefore, the rule is to keep it as simple as possible to the basic ingredients without too much fuss. At Casa Carmela they also respond to the needs of the locals, namely the burned layer at the bottom of the paella. Small detail; this restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 13:00 to 16:00.

Dinner hotspot | Cannala Bistro

Cannala Bistro, what can I say? Been there, done that. But will I recommend it? No. For the form I added some pictures but I do not understand why you read this restaurant on every city blog of Valencia. Maybe because of all the commotion, I had received too high expectations, which made it disappointing? Whatever it was, if you still feel like going there. Remember, then you do not have it from me!

Coffee Hotspot | La Mas Bonita

Then we have beach club La Mas Bonita, who did meet my expectations! From a distance we saw a group of people from standing. Once we came closer, it turned out to be a row of people who were eager to go inside. I had to wait for 30 minutes to came in. Luckily, they write down your name on a list so you don’t have to stand there all the time. Once inside, we were escorted to the spacious courtyard. Yes! This was so much better than the seating area at the front where all the hungry sniffs look away from your chair. Menu tips? Hell yes! Carrotcake it is! The smoothies are an absolute must and their nachos are the best. We have also eaten a sandwich but that wasn’t that special.Although the salad is recommended!

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