Vascobelo | belgium’s finest coffee


When good service and the best coffee come together, it’s like magic. Vascobelo, the ideal place in Haarlem where you can enjoy your coffee uninterrupted. Vascobelo does not want to describe itself as a coffee bar, but rather compare itself with a chique cafe brasserie. A brasserie where you can also meet the ultimate cup of coffee to enjoy the varied menu. But honestly, the coffee is great and also the lunch is pretty perfect as well.  Where do you see now-a-days that the shot of espresso is poured at your table by the milk? The service is excellent and I think they strongly distinguish themselves from the rest. The staff is friends, correct and has a great knowledge when it comes to coffee.

The interior

You can visit Vascobelo for several occasions. For example, it offers a business setting for a job interview in example but at the same time it’s a casual atmosphere that allows you to walk in for a cup of coffee and a good book at any time. And,of course, you can visit Vascobelo for a nice lunch with friends. Want to read a good book in your own? I would like to inform you that you are very well at this address. The shelves are built up of dozens of books. That makes it a homely atmosphere and it makes a relaxed vibe.


Vascobelo is definitely one of the best newcomers in Haarlem and can be seen as a huge addition to this fine city! This chic coffee shop distinguishes itself from the basic coffee shops, has great staff and is able to put the most delicious culinary delights on the table. We Haarlemmers are happy with you!