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 Off to Vienna

Visiting Vienna during winter, doesn’t that sounds romantic? Well, that is what I thought when we were planning a new citytrip in Europe. Thereby, I have never visit Autria before. It might be cold, but hey. In the Netherlands it isn’t that warm as well. During March I have found a retour ticket for €150, from Amsterdam to Vienna airport. Vienna, here I come. 

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Hotel | NH Collection Wien Zentrum

Because we came without a car, we chose a hotel in the middle of the center of Vienna. It was my very first time in a NH hotel but it was an amazing experience and I will definitely do it again. The location, the service, the rooms.. Awesome!

Breakfast hotspot | Kaffemik

The interior of Kaffemik is scandinavian with sleek lines, light colors of the walls and marble tables with small cactus plants. I loved everything about it. Thereby, the funny side fact is that Kaffemik deliberately chooses not to play background music. The only sounds that  reflected this peaceful location in the early morning are the talking people and the sounds of the coffee machine. It was a perfect getaway to start your day before you go into the crowds. Visit this place for the perfect cup of coffee with small breakfast on the side.


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Breakfast hotspot | Joseph Broth

Next to the metro stop “Wien-Mitte”, you’ll find Joseph Brot. They claim to serve you the best bread in town. Immediately when entering the place, I was surprised with the delicious smell inside. Freshly baked bread, is there anything better then that? Thereby, you’ll see the assortment of bread and the patisserie collection. There were 8 people but it went pretty fast. After 10 minutes we were sitting against each other and ordered some drinks. The green detox was mine and a fresh orange juice for my mister. Thereby, I went for a chocolate cake, which was great but my boyfriend had something that catch my interest even more. He had choosen “the Healthy”. Toasted Wholemeal bread, home-baked salmon, avocado cream, poached organic eggs, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese & chia vanilla granola pudding. The last item was on the first picture below. I’m not really into puddings but this one has such a special taste that you have had to like it.

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Brunch hotspot | Budapest Bistro

Subtle wall decorations, cute wooden details, soft colors and owners with a heart for the business. That is Budapest Bistro. Upon entering you are immediately greeted by the smell of sweet baked goods and freshly ground coffee. The couple behind the counter strives for perfection and nothing less than that. They want to give you an experience to take home. The duo has made a nice division of tasks for this. Where the woman in the kitchen is busy with traditional Austrian breakfasts where each cutlery has a bow (cute!), Mr. takes care of the guests.

Lunch hotspot | Café Le Marché

In the Währinger Street, you’ll find Café le Marché. It’s a sweet little coffee shop which will attract you immediately to come inside. Coffee or tea, whatever you’ll choose, there are no wrong decisions here. I took the spot in the corner, next to some finger-licking-good croissants. I’ve met the owner. He is passionate about good coffee and healthy food in a good environment. He brought Vienna a really good looking hotspot. It’s a great place to meet people or to work for yourself. Because it’s not that big you have to make sure that you might be to late when passing by.


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Lunch hotspot | KLYO

A real favorite when it comes to Vienna’s most fancy places. Klyo surprises you on entry and will not let you go. Everything is just perfect. The location is just outside the busy center but with a beautiful view over the Danube Canal. The golden lamps steal your attention and the botanical plants take you to the jungle. The tasty sandwiches take over from the lamps again and the pancakes never let Klyo forget you again. Instagrammers eat your heart out! And last but not least: breakfast All. Day. Long.

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Lunch hotspot | Palmenhaus

The Palmenhaus is located in the first district of the inner city of Vienna. It’s on the edge of the Burggarten, near the Albertina and the State Opera. It was the first lunch we had in Vienna and we were really surprised by the beautiful looks of its in- and outside. The first impression from the outside was great. Then we came inside and saw the beautiful green interior. Because it has a length of 15 meters, the ceiling is pretty high. The building is made of class. This way it let’s in a lot of light, which I love the most, while taking some pictures. The plants are huge as well and it really give you that jungle-impression. Loved it. People stop by here for having breakfast, lunch, dinner, a drink or just some coffee with cake. So many options and that’s what makes it so diverse. It makes it lively and atmospheric.


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Coffee hotspot | Hotel Sacher

Wanna meet some locals? Then do not enter Hotel Sacher. In line you will find a big line with tourists, coming from everywhere. It took us 45 minutes, but was it worth the try? Let’s find out. What to order at this place? Well, I didn’t waited in line for just a sandwich. I wanted to taste their famous Sacher Torte. Never had it before so here we go! Was it really that special? Well, it was not bad, not bad at all! But to recommend this, inclusive 45 minutes of waiting? If you always wanted to have the very best Sacher Torte: YES! Just want to go out for some cake? Then take another turn and just go to their shop, where you don’t have to wait in line. Wanna impress your friends? Teacher? Mother in law? Buy a pack of these chocolates. It will cost you some extra money but I’m sure they will be loving you for over the year!


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