Villa Borghese | an Italian restaurant in Amstelveen

Villa Borghese

Looking for a good Italian restaurant near Amsterdam? Amstelveen is the right place for you. Just outside of the city center of Amsteveel, you’ll find this beautiful restaurant Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese is what you call a classic Italian restaurant with real professionals with passion in Italian delicacies. I came for a romantic dinner for two and was pampered from the beginning to the end.

The Location

The location of Villa Borghese is located in Amstelveen. Within walking distance of the bus station you can see the beautiful white illuminated location where the name Villa Borghese is written on. Then you know that you are in the right place. The center of Amstelveen is cozy and versatile. Definitely worth a visit. 

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The Interior

The interior of Villa Borghese is chic and atmospheric. Villa Borghese is colored with beautiful tables with white napkins, romantic lighting and beautifully presented wines. It is an excellent location for dinners for multiple occasions. Especially for company outings or family dinners there is an extra room equipped with enough seating and tables. You can always ask the restaurant for more information.

The Kitchen

The menu is certainly a good reason to come back again to Villa Borghese because the kitchen consists of real Italians with a heart for the Italian cuisine. And that you will taste in their food. Villa Borghese know exactly where to get the best fish of high quality. They have their own address in Naples for the most delicious burrata and use the ultimate recipe for their fresh pastas. Everything that a successful Italian needs to attract his customers, they have it. I was aloud to sneak into their kitchen. 


The food

We started with  a glass processo and a tasty antipasti di Italy. Then they surprised us with bottle of Chardonnay, fruity and refined with a homemade ravioli with swordfish, prawns and mussels in seafood sauce. After a while they served us a grilled seabass. Fantastic! We enjoyed the fish and wine. Then the dessert arrived. A souflé of chocolate and a tiramisu. Again, everything was homemade. Pictures can hardly imitate it.

The Service

As I have mentioned before, the staff of Villa Borghese consists of Italian people. You will know that. In the service, the atmosphere and the food. It is Italian food at a high level and the employees know everything about it. They are friendly and helpful. I am grateful for the good service.

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