Vooges Bloemendaal | a renovated hotspot in town

VOOGES restaurants

First let me tell you something about Vooges restaurants. A concept that has expanded by 3 different branches. For the owners, it all started in 2005 where they opened their first Vooges restaurant in Zandvoort. Great food in a nice environment is their key. Thereby we must not forget the good service they offer! But in this blog, I will tell you all about my experience at Vooges Bloemendaal. Enjoy!

The location

During these summer days I love to go to the beach. My ideal beach day is relaxed , no stress and just laid-back. By the end of the day I start to get hungry. Enough of the laid-back position. I want good food, nice service in a beautiful environment. On my way back to Haarlem I always pass Bloemendaal. The ideal location to have dinner! That the point where we meet, hello Vooges Bloemendaal! Every time I drive by, there are always people sitting on their big terrace. Laughing, drinking and eating. Now it’s my time to shine!

The interior

When I came in and saw the interior it was love at first sight. I even didn’t want to go outside anymore. Screw 25 degrees. I stay inside! Just look at these pictures. So bright, modern and chic at the same time. They have really nourished that brasserie feeling. What I love about this place is that there are many places to sit. Whether you are with friends, family of your loved one. Everything is possible at Vooges Bloemendaal.

The menu

Before we take a look at their menu, we did order a Spanish Verdejo by glass. This because the menu consisted of several small plates to share. Craftsmanship and traditional cooking are central to Vooges Bloemendaal. They are passionated in cooking with seasonal products. Think freshly caught fish and seasonal vegetables. Besides their daily specialties, the menu is also very well composed. If you not really into small bites, you can order a regular portion. Lobster, tournedos or plateau fruits de mer du nord. Sounds good, right?

Sharing dishes

So shared plates for us. We made a small selection of their beautiful dishes. Oysters with beetroot and cream fresh, Pieterman fillet baked on the skin, calf cheek, risotto of buckwheat and some french fries on the side. Yum! Pictures don’t lie!


The dessert

Oh yes! Vooges Bloemendaal know how to draw my attention! Dame noir was staring at me from the menu.  They call her the sweeter sister of Dame Blanche. I think they are doing her shortage with that name! I didn’t want it to come to an end, because.. wow!


Yes I have become very enthusiastic about Vooges Bloemendaal! And yehess I will come back for sure! They also made me very curious about the other locations now. Which one would be my favorite? Let’s find out and let me know what’s your experience at Vooges. Cheers!